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Photos © Rocio Chacon 
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Presents: Hold the wall, an exercise of soft confrontation

While indulging in physical resistance, I meet multiple surfaces, and I use my body as a territory for encounter.I decide to touch the space and reach for a relying wall through soft movement and a disoriented verticality. This is a journey towards the marginal edges of a room, exploring how movement belongs to the creases and edges of the space.

Alejandra Gissler is a London-based Latin American multidisciplinary dance artist and facilitator working at the intersection of ecology, participatory work, and performance. Her choreographic and film work has been shown at The Place Theatre (2018, 2022), Whitechapel Gallery (2023), and Appetite’s Big Feast Festival (2022). Since graduating from London Contemporary Dance School, Alejandra has worked with Richard Alston Dance Company, Shobana Jeyasingh Dance, Bodies in Action, Eve Stainton, Florence Peake, Rocio Chacon, and Alice+Synne.

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Presents: Every angel is terrifying’ // DIE, GURKE

monster – creature – animal – human says

It sounds like that wont be enough to kill me


Don’t you dare, don’t you dare, don’t you dare


I wanna eat you away

Where do you want it?


Think of my teeth, sinking into your soft flesh, my claws, my jaws that open wider than your body. I could swallow you whole

Since graduating from London Contemporary Dance School, Bun has worked with Vera Tussing, Pepa Ubera and Ben McEwen across themes of touch, manipulation and autonomy in improvisation. While working with Theo Clinkard, she developed an interest in notating dance and bodies in movement and practised experimenting with voice and text in rehearsals with Graceful Collective. Most recently, Bun worked as a dancer and choreographic collaborator for George Fellows/Four Hands, performed as an understudy in Vera Tussing’s Tactile Quartet(s), and danced in Olive Hardy’s work at Sadler’s Wells.

Presents: Soliloquy of a fly

a fly has been talking to itself

its body and wings excited by the changes of sound

eat if in hunger

run if being full

lie down if feeling tired a person sleeps in the bed

annoyed by the noises around in the air

one quick clap

the soliloquy of a fly stops

Chen Yin is a Chinese, Bristol-based choreographer, dancer and performer. She holds an MA in Dance from Bath Spa University. Chen considers her creative process as ramification, i.e. diverging like the stem and limbs of a plant into smaller ones. Encounters of her body with daily life and rendezvous between dance and other creative practices constantly stimulate further growth. Recently, she has been investigating the relationship between dance improvisation and sounds, especially human voices. She has also been incorporating installation art into her work.

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Karen Juhl is a Danish art pop artist, singer and producer based in Copenhagen. With an equal love for experimental composition, literature and pop music, Karen Juhl often works in between art forms. Inspired by artists such as Laurie Anderson, Solange and Holly Herndon, she explores what songwriting can be in the 21st century. Karen is set to release her debut album, Mother Tongue, on ‘inklingroom’ records, her first ever UK show will see presenting exclusive material from the album played live.


Ans M is a London-based artist and DJ whose productions bring together organic ambient soundscapes and post-industrial club mutations. Her debut album 'Cicada Lullaby' was recently released on Scorpio Red, a label and event series she co-runs alongside Kelman Duran.



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