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inklingroom at Space 289 - 25 March 2022

Record Label launch event

Poster © Marcel Bartosz
Video © Keity Pook
Photos © Giovanni Bello

GAIKA is a vocalist and producer, uncompromising in his politics as his sonics, intent on expanding and exploding the ideas of what contemporary black British music is. From his debut mixtape Machine in 2015 to his debut LP on Warp Records, Basic Volume, GAIKA is channelling the unique synthesis of the UK’s musical make-up, firmly at the forefront of a new London. 

SILVIA KASTEL started performing live in 2008, focusing on experimental electronic music and extended vocal techniques and having released music on established, forward-thinking labels such as Blackest Ever Black and Hyperdub. She evolved into DJing in 2014, first on radio and then in clubs, and now based in London with a monthly residency on NTS, her sets fuse unashamedly pop melodies with the bass-heavy polyrhythms of regional club sounds from Latin America, the Caribbean, the US and the UK (dembow, dancehall, grime, jungle, techno, footwork).


JEPH VANGER  is a sound artist and composer working between Athens and London. He has worked in dance, theatre, and art installation. His works often combine multi-channel sound systems, modular synthesisers, and handmade sound sculptures, focusing on the physicality of sound in space as a moving and raw entity. His debut five-track Vinyl EP - Cyclothymia, will be released in December 2021, accompanied by the video dance film collaborating with London-based choreographers and dance artists Keity Pook, Lesya Timinska, Alex Miklosy, and video artist Maria Piva.



London via Bristol and Poznan (PL), Wash Electra co-founded inklingroom - a multidisciplinary art platform for contemporary dance, experimental club music, and visual arts. He hosts two monthly residencies on Noods and Netil radio, promoting local and global talent from the underground club circuit. His sets are fused around fast tempo hybrids of afro rave, contemporary experimental club, and destructed high energy techno.

Presents: Vulpes Vulpes 

Late nights turn cities into empty forests. London foxes only live two years. Manged fur and paws raw on cold concrete. They belong here. Beauty and pain. Wildness in urban landscapes. Creatures who flourish in the paradox. Carnal and divine. Hurt by the world we created for ourselves. Animal. Human. Beauty. Pain. We belong here.


Performed by Bethanie Hayes Original Collaborative performer: Annabel Knobbs

Anna Dunlop is a Canadian dance artist based in the UK. She trained at ArtEz, Codarts, and London Contemporary Dance School. Her work is very interdisciplinary and influenced by horror, sci-fi, and cinema. Her current research is in exhaustion in performance, and has been presented in Canada, Holland, Austria, and the UK.


Presents: Peach Flux


The movement serves as an access point to explore themes of human complexity, inner conflict and transcending realities.


Jem graduated with a First Class BA Hons Degree in Theatre Dance from London Studio Centre in 2017. Since then, she has worked with TobyLikesMilk, a queer theatre, dance & activist company performing in both the UK and Holland before joining Ace Dance & Music in 2018. They participated in the creation of two works choreographed by Vincent Mantsoe and Douglas Thorpe, alongside assisting and teaching for their youth company. Jem has since worked as a freelance artist with Tate Modern, performing Balance of Power by Allora & Calzadilla, Loading by Zilu Lin, research projects with Fabula Collective and most recently working in collaboration with Draaimolen Festival x Transcending bodies in Tilburg.


Presents: genre fluid


This work is about blending electronic music with breaking the fundamental rules of the Ballet technique. Bursting boundaries, shapeshifting and finding new state of gentleness, rhythms and togetherness.


Performed by Lesya Tyminska, Alex Miklosy, Sebastien Kapps

Music composed by YRAKI

Keity Pook is a London-based freelance dance artist, choreographer, performer and teacher who Graduated Master of Arts in Contemporary Dance at London Contemporary Dance School in the Postgraduate Developing Artistic Practice program. In 2010 she co-founded inklingroom with the aim of supporting uncompromising contemporary dance and music in the city of London.


Presents: Lost Connections

Lost Connections is a story about the physical effects of changes in our brains, told through clothes. Thanks to this collection, you will be able to better imagine the impact these changes have on the human psyche and understand how it can be a shapeshifter.


“With the help of clothes, I wanted to give physical shape to non-physical personality transformations. The reason why I chose to base my first creations on mental illness is because many people around the world struggle with them and I believe they should not be ridiculed or taboo.” Jakub Iwan

Models: Lesya Tyminska, Alex Miklosy, Sebastien Kapps
, Kenan Kian, Flavien Cornilleau, Vampi

Music composed by YRAKI
Movement direction: Keity Pook

Make-up artist: Raphael Arcadios 
Hairstylist: Ryunoshin Tomoyose




Chriss Speed Visuals (CVS) is an audio-visual artist born and raised in London. His graphical aesthetic uses similar computational approaches to the music, consistent across artwork, music videos, virtual reality and live visuals. Equally, at home creating installations for gallery spaces as mixing rhythms on the dance floor, CSV has worked with a variety of organizations from Corsica Studios to Arebyte Gallery and performed at numerous venues across the UK.

Special thanks to Allpress Espresso UK for sponsoring the choreography and helping this event to happen!

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