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Photos © Rocio Chacon & Keity Pook 
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lil replica edited themselves into existence. Self-sampled blocks of chopped pianos, outdated AIs and synth excerpts woven around yearning, often choral vocals in a language beyond language – lil replica work off the rigid grids of digital music. Their forthcoming debut album Redux & Respair on London label inklingroom charts new feelings and new ways of thinking about song structures - tweaking, chopping, filtering, exporting, and re-exporting, where cutting and pasting isn’t used to distort away from reality but instead to harness and reveal the fragile beauty in human gestures.

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SERAFINE1369 is an artist, dancer, facilitator and body-focused researcher working with dancing as a philosophical undertaking, a political project with ethical psycho-spiritual ramifications for being-in-the-world; dancing as intimate technology. They work with/in the context of the hostile architectures of the metropolis towards moments and states of transcendence.


NTS resident. Silvia Kastel's DJ sets fuse sonic experimentation and unashamedly pop melodies with global bass-heavy polyrhythms.‘Air Lows’ dropped on Blackest Ever Black in 2018. Latest releases: Shakey (Palto Flats, 2020). Ormai (Hyperdub x Adult Swim, 2020), Xantharmony EP (Youth, 2022). Now, wehether on DJ Stingray’s curated stage at Dimensions Festival, Dekmantel Selectors, Boiler Room in Bologna, Dehli and Mumbai, All in Shanghai, WWW in Tokyo, or De School in Amsterdam, Kastel's reputation precedes her as a risk-taking and eclectic selector, whose singular taste can unite the most disparate of genres, styles and tempos.

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leslie {is a hypnagogic rat chewing script} is an artist and composer who lives and works in London. Their debut album, Why So Eager, was released with Loose Trax in 2022. Recent live performances took place at Amoenus, the ICA, Ormside, MOT, and Le Bourgeois in London. Upcoming activities include the spatial audio project Angels and Cogwheels, a series of outdoor events featuring a mobile multichannel sound system organised under The Long Acre, and live sets for the collaborative overnight performance series Here.


DJ & AV artist known as Charlie Buckley-Benjamin.

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