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inklingroom at Leytonstone Ballroom - 6 March 2022

inklingroom launch event

Video © Maria Piva

patten is never afraid of doing things differently, as a producer, visual artist and performer shows that his extreme, abstract approach to a variety of club sounds pushes ever further into the unknown. Running the label and iconic creative platform 555-5555, patten’s extensive career has seen him present an immersive audiovisual show at the Tate Modern and has many well-acclaimed releases.


Graham Dunning creates experimental drifting techno rocked with hints of acid and sizzling rhythms all within an extraordinary live installation. Created mechanically with turntables, records, and an impressive array of objects,

it’s a club experience unlike any other, with unparalleled ingenuity and skill.


Moonbow is the sonic brainchild of London based multidisciplinary artist El Hardwick. Their colourful DJ sets are an exercise in storytelling that are at once euphoric and melancholic, whilst delving into both the old and new.


Mariano Sibilia is known for his interdisciplinary approach to diverse fields of contemporary techno, while exploring its many different forms, always presenting idiosyncratic precision and elegant obscurity.


Be Fruitful and Multiply 2.0

Choreographer Alka Nauman`s work attempts to transform and re-mix a score made by her for a group into a solo for herself. The piece offers a satiric gaze on the ambiguous nature of plastic bags; on their elegance and ugliness, as well as their daunting ability to adopt different life forms. It fuses artificiality and exaggerated devotion toward plastic, to reveal the absurdity of our attitude toward the environment.


The deathbed of Mother Earth

Choreographer Keity Pook brings us into the mystery. Cyborgian goddesses returning to the land in the post-society era, they are preparing for the funeral of Mother Nature. She is not dead yet, but she is very weak. The dystopian, radical and eerily beautiful performance will take the audience into a raw encounter with the power of the goddesses.

Dancers: Meichi LiuLeilah Smone WilliamsMadli PavesMarta StepieńLesya TyminskaRylee MooreKadri Sirel 
Original music by Mariano Sibilia and original acoustic music by Zacharias Wolfe  played by Will Duerden: Double Bass and Sparsh Bajpai: Soprano
Original visual art by Leo Metcalf 
Styling: Emilia Jabłońska
Designers: So Lulu Yang, Serafina Kruegel-Hanna, Laura Jasiunaite, Maya Rutland, Hongjoo Yeon

Day 7 

Meichi Liu presents her solo performance.


He took that day off.. 


The strangest sorrow 

Pääsu-Liis Kens presents a small quest to make sense of the world. Navigating through space and time, shaping something tangible to hold on to, remember and come back to. I wish to create a space in which I find comfort, understanding and solace. And hopefully you too.


Would you mind?

Alex Miklosy work is inspired by the concept of self-harm. The piece is an exploration of how an individual can hurt himself using only his own movement.

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