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inklingroom at HALL - Tallinn - 18 May 2022

Part of Baltic Dance Platform 2022

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Poster © Anna Heller
Photos © Aron Urb
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Presents: Buy me a river

This piece focuses on unrealistic expectations in a capitalist experiential space. An aspect of the potential for fulfilment is engaged. The virtues of displacements remind us instinctively of something from the past as well from the future. Escorted by materiality it lets itself drift away into fantasy. It is dreamy, it is punk. It is fluid and cryptic.


Sigrid Savi graduated in choreography and dance teaching at the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy in 2015. Since then she lives in Berlin. Her work has been characterised by a brutally naive and satirical style. She uses poetical and descriptive texts, shapes melancholic landscapes and uses entertainment as a way to communicate and connect while fondling with social absurdities by overexposure.

Presents: Time Away

a simple embodiment of the movement
a simple embodiment of the moment

hypersensitivity to my insides, to the space around me
repetition, repetition, repetition to feel fully
carving space, moving the air molecules around me, relocating the space itself

simply paying attention

embodiment as commitment
embodiment as presence
embodiment as paying attention

paying attention as listening
listening as care
care as peace


In 2019, Pääsu-Liis Kens graduated from London Contemporary Dance School and a year after moved back home to Tallinn. Since then she has been looking deeper into her practice by being part of the year-long TantsuRUUM residency, also continuing creating and showing her work in Tallinn and taking part in many projects with other artists on and off the stage.

Presents: Recollections of motion

I want to embody myself as directly and honestly as possible (if even possible) and then try to take a step back and embody an out-of-body experience, riding the line between dissociating from the self and drowning in the self. “An out-of-body experience, which people find to be bizarre and anxiety provoking, represents a failure of the unity of self and body, a shift from a first- to a third-person perspective.” How can the self be the other at the same time, how can I hallucinate and be my own hallucination?

Elle Viies is a third-year dance student at the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy. She has previously studied contemporary dance at the dance school of the Estonian Dance Agency and participated as a dancer in various performances at Tallinn University, Viljandi Culture Academy, ETA Company. She is interested in uncanny ways of being and perceiving and bodies that are simultaneously functional and phenomenal.

Presents: Therefore I embody

I embody, therefore I am.
In addition to bodies, words are also embodied.
How the body obeys abstract commands?
Then what will our body or our mind embody?

Anumai Raska is a performance artist, and dancer currently studying acting at the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy. Anumai works mainly through the technical body, of which physical experiences and personal memories are an integral part. She has been curating the dance and performance art event Battlejämm for 3 years and her latest production “raska/unt/unt/raska” was performed at Draama Festival 2020.

Germo Toonikus is currently studying acting at the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy. However, he does not identify himself only as an actor. He is interested in the areas between theatre, dance, performance and fine arts. He himself follows the principles: “experiencing body” / “thinking body” / “linear composition” / “me as a quality”. 

Presents: Solo 4

Constant state of hyper-aware reflectivity with the space, the people, the taste, smell and texture of everything in relation to myself. How will the constant action of reflection change, transform and interact with my movement, my own body, my own state of being? I use what is there to go further and allow myself to experience the here and now. A journey between up and down left and right, heaven and hell.

Indrek Kornel is a choreographer/director/teacher, who first started dancing and moving when he was 18 years of age. Currently working locally in Estonia at Tallinn University as a guest lecturer in body conditioning and contemporary dance. Owner and creator of his own small dance/performance company Movement in Principles. Movement in Principles is a belief and personal experience that movement can heal, change and be the basis of being a better human being for oneself and for others.



Jette Loona Hermanis, pulsing Baltic blood, is a performance artist, choreographer, and performer, born 1997 in Tallinn, Estonia. After finishing her studies in SNDO Choreography, Amsterdam, she has since been based in Tallinn and Riga. Her Dj sets are predominately dark and fast-paced. While weaving aggressive beats with fragile melancholy, the emotional hardcore enables to exhaust the body in high energy dancing, thus releasing the inner world of feelings. Motion driven sets fusing deconstructed club, electronic avant-garde, dance hall, rap, trance, and hardstyle, will surely make the sweat drip.



Sander Saarmets is an interdisciplinary composer, sound designer & electronic musician hailing from Estonia. Starting from the 2000’s electronic scene of Tallinn, Saarmets has been on a constant sonic expedition that has led him to places like Taiwan, Sweden, France & Germany. He has studied electronic music at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and is a proud member of the CoPeCo alumni. During his journey, he has created solo and ensemble works, music and soundscapes for film (e.g. Everyday Mysticism & A Pile of Ghosts), contemporary dance (e.g. Ainukordus & Tuhande silmaga jumal), galleries (e.g. We Will Always Have Paris & Ghost Hits Wall) & runways (e.g. YUFASH SS20 at New York Fashion Week).



Arising from the depths of Moscow’s high-speed underground rave scene is one of the movement’s staples, Aubery ‘Astro’ Lis. Elysian Tunes, a project led by Aubery alone, features over 10 music projects, each with a unique style, from ambient and harsh noise, through chiptune and freestyle electro to absurdic YTP-influenced speedcore and breakcore. For the set you are to experience, she’s preparing a special dish: 45 minutes of high speed, high energy absurd high-brow gag, an insane bass drum and amen break overload!



Mihkel Kleis (aka Ratkiller / DJ Court Rat) has been releasing music under numerous underground labels since late 90’s, witnessing and shaping the forming of Estonian experimental music scene, all of this while maintaining his distinctive and somewhat obviously unexpected approach.Ratkiller’s music seems at once spontaneous and intricately plotted – it’s like a computer system that has started to improvise with its own programming. Because it feels good. Because it’s testing the very barriers of what it is capable of, and rather than disguising its limitations, using them as accompaniment. 


Musician/composer/DJ/radio host for over 10 years. His recent tracks were played by the like Jon Rust, Shanti Celeste, Tasker etc. His music was released on Emotsiya, Trash Can Dance, Diffuse Reality, Hidden Assets and Isaiah Tapes. Endamisi Salamisi music drifts and intertwines between harsh and percussion-heavy floor to floor music and more ethereal and ghostly ambient noise pieces.


An Estonian art collective, held together by a deep wish to create otherworldly experiences for themselves and others to enjoy. Bending conventional standards, exploring different digital and non-digital mediums and coming up with crazy combinations is what really makes them thrive.

Kreat Minds started years ago from a bunch of friends enjoying themselves while creating and designing interactive installation-based atmospheres to explore and get lost in. Now Kreat Minds has now grown to be a creative art-collective working on rocket fuel to achieve more, to push boundaries and limits in order to offer experiences about which people will remember for years. 


Jaagup Susi (team leader) 

Tristan Rebane (technique)

Joosep Elias Tani (technique) 

Grete Vaalma (light)

Kerttu Koemets (decorations) 

Ursula Ainso (decorations)

Johanna Liisa Eichenbaum (decorations)

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