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inklingroom x futur.shock at FOLD - 23 February 2023
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Photos © Xavier Andrew
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Rubby Garage Geist // Blend for club

Interested in how things come together without the need for coherence, Eve will borrow and open out short scenes from their previous performances and place them amongst some fresh research. Hung out to clash, co-occur and warp. (Pre-recorded music by Mica Levi.)


Eve Stainton is an artist interested in the politics of uncodeable queer presence and its intersections with race and class. They create multi-disciplinary performance worlds that hold movement practices, digital collage, welded steel, and other invisible forces like waves/imagination/drama, often psychedelic and clashing.



Stiletto Silhouette


It is a dancing surrealist sculpture that playfully explores gravity and the body’s form through mind-bending positions. This feminist piece challenges Hans Bellmer’s fetishistic doll sculptures and kinkster fantasies around bondage and restriction through the seductive prowess of stilettos and spandex to an electronic sound score composed of smashing plates, purring cats and distorted techno. (Pre-recorded music by Craig Scott.)


Hollie Miller is a visual artist with an interdisciplinary practice using her body as her primary medium to inquire into embodiment. Through the energetic she explores the psychological, philosophical, spiritual and mythological. She often creates rebirth, metamorphosis, shape shifting, embryology and chrysalis imagery around the state of becoming.


Freak of Nature (lusus naturae)


It is a debut live show of London-based Italian composer Yraki with live performance by Estonian choreographer Keity Pook. From sounds inspired by artists' synesthesia and surrendering to an 'other', the experimental composer explores sonic hybrids recalling electronic abstractions and contemporary club music mutations. His visualisation of sounds, seeing bodies move as asymmetrical shapes and liquid, means the process leads to a visceral experience which borders on the surreal, with both musician and choreographer exploring the kinetic capabilities of this mystical entity.  Yet, the choreography interacts not only with the sonic landscape but also embodies ancient amphibian times' nordic soul beast creature. 


Commissioned by inklingroom, supported by PRS Foundation, Help Musicians, and Arts Council England.



Alien Body is an electronic trance-punk that takes inspiration from post-trance and rave and, with sound experiments and rebellion lyrics, takes on important societal issues. Originally from Ukraine, performs explosive live shows with an apocalyptic bent, dystopian sounds, and noisy fx twisted vocals, transitioning into rave-tinged MAGIC DANCE music. Debuted at London's legendary Cafe OTO, they gained a lot of attention with their fundraising release Mriya, which was covered by Pitchfork and performed at the Ephemera festival by Unsound as a warm-up for Machine Girl.



London-based DJ, producer and radio host. Previously released on AD 93. Lauren Duffus makes emotive and collage-like pieces that weave together vocal synths, melancholic sounds and unique dub-op rhythms. She runs a residency on NTS devoted to experimental and leftfield club sounds.

Installation and set design: 

DAMIEN ROACH / 555-5555


Damien Roach is a London-based artist, researcher and educator and Associate Lecturer on MA Illustration and Visual Media at London College of Communication. He works under various projects across Fine Art, Design & Creative Direction, Publishing, sound/music and audio-visual.

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