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inklingroom at Dareshack - 19 May 2023
Photos © Keity Pook & Michal Sobkiewicz


Osheyack is a producer and musician based in Shanghai whose work fuses elements of IDM with gabber, techno, ambient and drone music across a broad spectrum—an integral member of Shanghai’s burgeoning electronic music scene that centres around ALL Club. When not playing live for the legendary 云CLOUD night, his music can be heard, soundtracking art installations and fashion shows across Shanghai. His profile grew considerably in 2018 with his release of two EPs, Empty Hell on SVBKVLT and Proof of Concept on CGI, and his critically acclaimed debut album Sadomodernism on Bedouin Records.




DJ and music producer, born in Lisbon. Founder of the musical group RS Produções and artist of the label Principe Discos. Recent releases include collaboration with Endgame on EP for Shanghai’s label SVBKVLT. Dj Narciso performed at various music festivals, including Unsound and recent shows on Rinse, showcasing the recognisable, syncopated club sounds of Principe Discos. Narciso is also part of RS Produções - a DJ and producers collective from Lisbon, Portugal, in 2018, and released their debut EP Bagdad Style on their Lisbon label.


Yewande Adeniran, also known under the artist name Ifeoluwa, they are well known for heading up Intervention, the DJ and production workshop that travels the UK offering a welcoming space for women and marginalised people to come together and celebrate all things dance. As an academic, they've given lectures and talks on "The Black Avant Garde" and "Temporal Dichotomies & Speculative Mythologies" and Berlin music and discourse festival CTM.


As a selector, their choice in sound works much to the same progressive mindset, forever testing the limits of a dancefloor through a journey of twisted electronics and club styles pulled from across the globe. Aside from mixes for Discwoman, Hyponik, Boiler Room and Crack Magazine, and a monthly show on Refuge Worldwide and Rinse France.


Sanya Malnar is a queer dance artist from France. They work across visual arts, movement for the screen, and having a creative approach towards the use of make-up, costume, and scenography in a dance context. They produce cross-art performances and dance films, predominantly inspired by themes centred around existence, often taking a phenomenological viewpoint.

For B brain(s), they collaborate with multifaceted artist Marianne Raynal. Raynal also has a multiplicity of creative interests which communicate simultaneously, including dance, martial arts, aerials, visual arts, and music.




Bristol via London and Poznan (PL), Wash Electra is a co-founder of inklingroom - a multidisciplinary art platform for contemporary dance, experimental club music, and visual arts. He hosts a monthly residency on Noods Radio, promoting local and global talent from the underground club circuit. His sets are fused around fast-tempo hybrids of afro rave, experimental club, deconstructed high-energy techno, dembow and baile funk.

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